We treat every rider as an individual with individual needs and goals.

    We usually ride in classes of 4 to 6 lasting approximately an hour but private and / or longer lessons can usually be arranged. Every class has an RDA qualified instructor and as many helpers as necessary.

    To begin with, each rider has someone to lead the pony and two side-walkers. Over time, many riders will work towards reducing their number of helpers under the supervision of an instructor.

    We currently offer riding on :


                         Wednesdays at Draughton Riding Centre, Height Lane, Draughton, Skipton, BD23 6DU

                                        10.30am - 11.30am - Children (School)

                                        11.30am - 12.30pm - Adults Lessons

                        Large outdoor school available and the opportunity to ride through the beautiful St. Ives Estate.

                       Sundays at Hopewell Equestrian Centre, Carlton Lane, Guiseley

                                        3pm - 5pm - Children

                        Both indoor and outdoor schools are available at the Hopewell Centre.


    Safety is our utmost priority in everything that we do. Every rider must have medical consent before they may ride with us and those under 18 years must have the consent of a parent/guardian.

    Great emphasis is laid on the suitability of each horse for RDA work in general and also on the suitability of any particular horse for each individual rider. All our activities are risk assessed according to the guidelines laid out by RDA National.


    As well as teaching a new skill to the rider, learning to ride is known to be beneficial to the disabled in many ways; physically, mentally and emotionally.

    Physically, it strengthens weak muscles, relaxes tight joints and develops balance and co-ordination which can stimulate nerve growth or slow its degeneration. It also makes open fields accessible which can be relaxing and confidence building as well as giving lungs full of fresh air to the rider.

    Mentally, it helps concentration, aids confidence and self-esteem and allows the rider to develop their decision making skills at their own pace in an environment which encourages communication and promotes a sense of achievement. It also gives a new perspective to the rider and creates long lasting friendships, both human and equine, whilst, perhaps most importantly, having fun!

Carriage Driving

    At certain times of the year, we offer carriage driving at Lineham Farm, Eccup, Leeds. Please ring 0845 241311 for more information.

Our Horses

    Our horses and ponies are all specially selected for their temperament, adaptability and suitability for RDA work. Most of them remain available to us for a long time so our riders get used to seeing the same familiar faces - and manes and tails - every week. The ones on which people first learn to ride remain special friends long after the rider has graduated to a bigger mount.



    The school children come from two local special schools and we ride in a large out door school for most sessions.  Some children work for their ASDAN Award, and most work through the RDA Grade system usually achieving a minimum of Level 2.  Our aim with all our lessons is to teach children to ride and in so doing improve their posture and muscle tone and improve their confidence and self esteem.  Most importantly though we hope that our lessons are fun!

    Many of the children take part in competitions run nationally through RDA National, such as art competitions and the Musical Drill Ride, and all receive recognition for their efforts. We currently have a good track record of success!



    The adults who ride with us all have enormous fun and benefit greatly from riding a moving animal.  Posture improves greatly with riding.  We work in a large out door school and occasionally ride out through the beautiful St. Ives Estate.



Otley & District Group

OTLEY & DISTRICT R.D.A. Reg. Charity no. 1074358

Patron . The Duchess of Devonshire DL

A member group of the Riding for the Disabled Association Incorporating Carriage Driving

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